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Bentael, called after daughter of GOD, is a Lebanese village hooked in the heights of the Jord among rocks, oak and Pine trees. Foxes wander in its valleys and multicolored butterflies sip the delicious liquid of the flowers.

A long time ago the people of Bentael searched for knowledge through pushing their studies to obtain higher diplomas. Local community is well known in art, philosophy, artisanal products, science and technology.

The Reserve Flora Cultural Heritage


In late 80s, Bentael's villagers were the pioneers in dedicating part of their communal lands to Lebanese national communities through the Ministry of Environment to be protected and has the statute of nature reserve, it was the first stepping stone toward the fulfillments of an old cherished dream which is to keep a small part of the country away from the misdeeds of development.


Bentael Nature Reserve has organized in conjunction with Kafr Club the annual race that takes place for the second time on the Independence Day. This 6.5km-race starts from the park house of the reserve in Bentael and finishes in Kafr club. Participants of all ages ran from Bentael to Kafr on November 22, 2011

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